JedAI Marketing Assistant (JeMA)

JeMA spearheads a unique mobile engagement platform, offering unrivalled personalization and targeted campaigns without requiring that any personal data will be shared outside of the device.

Creating campaigns is easy; just decide who is your Audience, when and where you want to engage them and what is your message or call-to-action. Your campaigns are created in the JeMA console of the mobile engagement platform, from which they are anonymously pulled by your customers’ devices.

The campaign is continuously evaluated on the phone for its relevance to the customer. Customers who meet your Micro-Segment conditions, like “users who leave home before 07:00” or “users who visit restaurants 3 times a week”, become part of the Audience.

Combining more than one Micro-Segment condition can create an interesting audience. For example, “Users who commute by car for over 45 minutes AND whose workplace is in the city center” are probably spending a lot of time in traffic and could use convenient parking.

The relevant campaigns now wait for the conditions of the campaign’s Micro-Moments, such as “When users arrive home” or “When they enter the park”, to occur. Once they do, the campaign is triggered locally on the phone, in that specific ‘moment of delight’.

The Message of a campaign can vary; a brief text when time is short, an article at the start of a long train ride or a coupon for an impulse buyer. JeMA ensures that your engagement will be with the right users
when, where and how you want it to be.

JeMA also allows you to introduce your own data for segmentation. Whether using internal profiles, past purchase behavior or loyalty program information, you can enrich the segmentation based on the relationship you already have with your customers.

There will always be customers you know less about; maybe they’re new, buy less or didn’t grant full permissions to use certain data. JeMA doesn’t even let that stop you; engage with every customer segment based on the data that is accessible about them.

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