JeMA: Mobile Engagement Automation…on a mobile device

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The Customer-First approach to hyper-personalization

Anagog has proudly announced the release of the newest component in the JedAI Product Suite, the JedAI Marketing Assistant (JeMA). JeMA is poised to have a powerful impact on the future of hyper-personalization; humanizing marketing and user engagement by viewing consumers holistically, not just through the narrow window of their digital interactions. JeMA uniquely leverages everything you already know about your customers with the fresh, 1st party data that the JedAI SDK generates regarding their real-world behavior; the places they visit, their habits and their activities. JeMA is a natural extension of Anagog’s vision for reinventing personal engagement by allowing companies to responsibly target consumers with products, offers and messaging without having to gather customers’ private and personal data. 

The addition of JeMA to the JedAI Product Suite completes the diagram of an exciting new paradigm; a complete Mobile Engagement Automation solution on a mobile device. Mobile Engagement is an extremely powerful tool for companies to communicate with their customers; a powerful tool that must be wielded with care. The constant presence of mobile devices in the lives of consumers can improve the timeliness and the relevance of the communication, but overdoing it can cross a line between helping and stalking.

Engagement Automation on Mobile Device

It is well established that hyper-personalized, relevant and contextual communications lead to better engagement, higher satisfaction and more loyalty. However, until now, all too often consumers’ rights to privacy have been sacrificed along the way. The reason is that in order to “feed the algorithms”, customer’s personal data had to be constantly shared with the company’s backend or cloud. This made that private data much more vulnerable and accessible than customers imagined. The backlash was inevitable. Consumer outrage and stringent regulation helped the industry realize that the only way forward is to have a customer-focused approach to privacy.

Hyper-Personalization: Reinvented

This  JedAI – A unique solution that uses cutting edge technology to conduct all the analysis necessary to automate mobile marketing, locally, on the mobile device. Companies are no longer burdened by the need to collect and protect users’ data, and customers do not need to worry about who is gaining access to their data and for what purpose.

With the addition of JeMA, marketers can focus on what they know best; addressing the right target audience with the right message/product. They can create dynamic campaigns that can deliver a specific message, at a specific moment, to a specific audience of customers, without having to know who they are. The JedAI agent that is local on the mobile phone is responsible for accepting these campaigns based on their relevance for each mobile user. This means that you can get personal with each and every customer, while they remain protected, as anonymous as they choose to be.

A great user experience should be a win-win; with JeMA Anagog helps marketers and companies provide customers with end-to-end personalized mobile engagement without compromising their privacy. 

Welcome to the new paradigm of Mobile Engagement Automation on the device. Click to learn more about how you, too, can practice responsible, universal personalization.

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