Anagog Announced Winner for “BIG–small 2016” Competition

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Tel Aviv, Israel, February 27, 2016 — Anagog Ltd., the developer of the world’s largest crowd-sourced parking network, was selected as the winner of the Big – Small Pitch event 2016 competition arranged by the Municipality of The Hague, Innovation Quarter and Enterprise Summit.

The event hosted 16 promising startups, each pitching about their solution for 5 minutes before a panel of three professional judges, including Wouter Deelman, CEO of Qelp. “Our congratulations to Anagog for winning the ‘Big – Small 2016’ competition this week in Barcelona,” said Danny Frietman, serial entrepreneur and owner of the Enterprise Summit who helped develop the format. “The judges selected Anagog for their brilliant crowd-sourced data implementation that is based on analyzing the various sensors’ signals on smartphones in order to detect the mobility status and whereabouts of users. Great to see such innovation here at the first edition!”


Anagog Announced Winner for "BIG–small 2016" Competition
From left: Yaron Aizenbud, COO and BD, Gil Levy, CTO and Ofer Tziperman, CEO


“We are really grateful for this opportunity to pitch at ‘Big – Small’ event and are honored to be selected as the winners,” said Ofer Tziperman, CEO for Anagog. “This is our second win in a row this week after we also got the GSMA GLOMO award as ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive 2016’. This recognition of our technology is the result of the very hard work of the Anagog team for a long time.”The Anagog mobility status SDK allows detection of a user’s real-time mobility status with an ultra-low battery consumption. The Anagog SDK can tell, for example, if the user is currently walking, driving, at home or at work. It can detect automatically when and where he parked his car, if he is riding a bus, enters or exits a predefined zone, and more. Such mobility status detection enables the best context-aware applications and services and drastically improves the user’s experience.


Furthermore, Anagog’s mobility status SDK can even provide certain levels of predictions on the user’s activities. For example, it can tell a few minutes before the user will vacate his on-street parking space. This predictive information, when collected simultaneously from multiple users, provides the most powerful crowdsourced parking network. Drivers can be notified in real-time about soon to be vacated parking spaces in their vicinity and get guidance there. The system even knows to refer only the desired number of drivers to the same vacating space.

Anagog is deploying the SDK globally via a B2B model, where other B2C app developers are implementing the mobility status SDK in their apps and are providing services based on the SDK to their users. Anagog, on its part, is also providing to its partners a real-time crowdsourced parking network based on all the real-time parking vacating events collected from all SDK users globally. Furthermore, Anagog is also sharing other insights with its partners from the big data collected by it that can serve to enrich the user experience even further.

 About Anagog
Anagog was founded by Gil Levy and Yaron Aizenbud in 2010 and used the first years to develop and perfect the mobility status algorithms that allows for advanced on-phone machine learning capabilities for best user experience with ultra-low battery consumption and with a high level of privacy protection. The company have filed 12 patents to date and is currently developing a set of additional related advanced technologies and services.

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