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JedAI – The First On-Handset AI Engine!

JedAI is the first on-handset AI engine, designed to provide app developers real-time location and contextual status information for their users with ultra-low battery consumption and maximum privacy management.

JedAI provides enlarged opportunities for app developers in many different app categories and verticals. By integrating JedAI into your apps, you are now able to understand the current and future context of your users on individual handsets and adjust your services accordingly, resulting in higher user engagement, customer satisfaction and revenues.

In addition, through its advanced on-device machine learning algorithms, JedAI does not require the computing or classification power of a backend server, increasing speed and efficiency on-device with ultra-low battery use.

JedAI SDK lets you easily add mobility detection to your app, and benefit from the high performance and low resources requirements.

  • Power-up your app: know what your users are doing now and their whereabout
  • Predict where they’ll go next and what they’ll be doing there
  • Invoke your app automatically at the right moments (at home/office/POI, driving, parking, etc.)
  • Provide on-handset full privacy management
  • Increase users engagement with your app and boost ad revenues


JedAI – The First On-Handset AI Engine for Developers

JedAI SDK is available for both Android and iOS


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