JedAI Product Suite

The JedAI Product Suite is a revolutionary solution that changes the paradigm of Mobile Engagement Automation from a model that creates tension between personalization and privacy to one that maximizes both.

Gone is the architecture that required consumers’ personal data to be constantly uploaded into some cloud environment with the hope that it would be treated with respect.

Gone is the legal exposure corporations needed to assume simply for trying to provide a high-quality User Experience.

Gone is the idea that we can fully understand consumers solely by counting the number of clicks in an app.


The JedAI SDK leverages Anagog’s ground-breaking EdgeAI technology to keep all personal data, including profiles and behavioral insights, on the phone, away from prying eyes and transparently available for users to monitor. By embedding the SDK into your mobile app, you gain a distributed mobile engagement solution that requires much less resources and provides a much higher level of privacy.


The JedAI Marketing Assistant (JeMA) allows the creation of hyper-personalized engagement campaigns without needing to know the identity of the target audience or their real-time location. JeMA reverses the flow of campaigns and the way they are matched with personalized data. The focused message, the exact target audience and the specific context are created in the cloud and each JedAI pulls the relevant campaigns to its device for execution.

JedAI Geo-Fencing

The JedAI Smart POI (Point of Interest), JedAI POI Discovery and JedAI Micro-fencing modules all contribute to the ability of the JedAI Suite to make sense of location data. Longitude and latitude may provide accuracy but they are useless for establishing relevance; it is knowing the significance of that location and associating it with a specific point of interest (POI) that helps understand behavior and helps create the perfect context for your engagement campaign.

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