The JedAI SDK will connect you with and help you to understand your customer data. As well as helping you improve customer engagement, we can help you tap into the potential of your customer data and monetize it to create new opportunities for revenue and growth.

Drive satisfaction and increase sales

Our existing app developer partners have proven that the use of our mobility status JedAI SDK opens a wealth of new features they can offer to their customers; turning their app into one that is more useful, usable and therefore used. This drives user satisfaction, which in turn drives usage and a growth in users. Better app satisfaction increases user willingness to pay for attractive premium upgrade features.


With the mobility status JedAI SDK and location intelligence, developers are provided with the ability to serve more contextual and targeted in-app advertising/messaging. Such advertising can be tailored to be highly relevant for maximum CTR engagement and return.

The main monetization benefits of using geo-marketing will enable developers to:

  • Increase ad revenue with powerful user targeting options
  • Increase return on marketing activities
  • Acquire new customers
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase footfall and drive sales

Data Monetization Partnerships

With the ability to track most customer interactions and transactions across devices and across channels, companies are looking at, and leveraging, their data in new and innovative ways. Anagog will help you to unlock anonymized big data reports and aggregated insights about your user base.

  • Gain insight into revenue opportunities
  • Create valuable data monetization alliances
  • Provide valuable real-time information

For other specific monetization channels relevant to your app, please contact us