We look forward to being part of NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show to be part of the visionary solutions in retail. Come see us at booth #: 7103  Anagog’s solution assists in understanding customers’ activities beyond the retailer store, and to help retailers attract and retain the customers they want most. Anagog will be showcasing during the show and to retailers the visionary Edge-AI technology; JedAI as part of its “know your customer” solution.  JedAI by Anagog can help companies provide highly personalized, contextual services and experiences to their customers by interpreting smartphone sensor data into insights, i.e., consumer behavior, lifestyle, journey and prediction of what they are likely to do next — all in real-time. JedAI Edge-AI develops these insights in the company’s’ app, on the phone itself, so no private data leaves the phone without the customer’s permission. Let us help your vision become a reality. Schedule a meeting with us!