Why Edge AI?

Why Edge AI?

If you are a business with customers these days, you know you need to get personal. Unfortunately, with the digital marketing practices of today, consumers have come to equate personalization as an invasion of privacy. At Anagog, we understand the need to engage at a personal level with your customers’ likes and needs shows that you care about their experience. 

And that’s why you need Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform, enabled by Edge AI technology – JedAI.

Personalize, don't compromise

Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform supports true personalization without compromising on privacy. That’s a combination that organizations can wholly embrace.


As an Executive, since the mishandling of personal data may have painful, personal, criminal implications, it is understandable to want to minimize your exposure.


As a Business Owner, you know that customer acquisition is so expensive you need to do everything to retain existing customers and maximize their value. Using the Platform as part of your mobile app strategy makes sure you’re engaging your customers effectively and productively.


As a Marketer you know that engaging with customers is challenging, because they have so little attention available and have gotten used to engaging on their own terms. Getting up-to-date, first party data about their lives helps shape the type of engagements that customers welcome.

That’s why you need Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform.

A strong relationship requires trust

Customers love personalization and they always have; whether buying from the corner grocery or loading a shopping cart on Amazon. But they want to buy from someone they can trust; a friendly salesperson, not a stalking app. Our platform allows you to offer them transparency and control, taking away the sinister aspects of personalization, leaving only the engagement and the smiles.

That’s why you need Anagog.

To get to know them better, they need to trust you.

JedAI helps you gain your customers’ trust. Click to learn how.
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