Banking Solutions

Banking on Great Customer Experience with

For banks, gaining a holistic view of their clients and their activities can mean the difference between good customer service and great customer service. Anagog revolutionizes the way you know your customers, with Anagog gain true banking customer insights and offer the best banking solutions all with optimal privacy control.

Simply put, Anagog can help you deliver greater and smarter consumer data driven banking solutions and insights to craft the most tailored mobile consumer experience possible.

The ultimate banking solutions with JedAI from Anagog, banks and financial institutions can offer new levels of personal and contextual services.

Enhanced Personalization

  • Loyalty and rewards – improve customer engagement through hyper-personalization (what, when, and where to engage)
  • Target customers with relevant card products or financial services, e.g., auto loan when a customer visits a car dealership
  • Offer highly personalized promotions and rewards on cards
  • Find the right moments or context to interact with customers to increase engagement

Customer Insights

  • Develop a deep understanding of the customer behavior in the bank’s customer graph
  • 360-degree offline view presents insights on your customer’s behavior, context, and life journey, which are key for personalization
  • Combine the customer insights with the bank’s existing data sources, e.g., transaction, account data, to create a holistic view of the customer
  • Understand share-of-wallet for customer retention and acquisition
  • Customer’s identity sync – automate profile sync for home and work address including changes in employment and residency; recognize customers for multi-residency, alternative work locations, insight on employment type, and whether a user is a global client

Big Data & Predictive Modeling

  • Improve predictive modeling to provide customers with personal offers and financial recommendations
  • Integration of a new source of insight of your customer’s offline behavior, e.g., features library, daily routine, locations, activities, profile, visits
  • Append transaction with offline behavior data to provide insights about financial behavior
  • Data monetization for merchants – where and what your customers are shopping or visiting to help partners/ merchants win market share