• On-Phone Marketing Engagement Platform

    Enabled by Edge AI

  • JeMA

    World’s first engagement platform, on a mobile phone

  • JedAI On-Phone:

    Edge AI means that profiles and data remain local (and private)

Drive Better Results

Create Engagement

Gain Market Share

Increase Spend

Smarter Mobile Customer Engagement
Enabled by Edge AI

Better targeting based on the behaviors of your customers

Better context based on what your customers do in their daily lives

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Innovative solutions to real challenges


Accurate personalization based on your customers’ daily life journey


Engage your customers with offers or services that are useful and relevant to their real-time context


Making sure the quality of your customer’s experience doesn’t mean compromising on their privacy


No need for unnecessary costs in your mobile engagement campaigns. Spend your budget wisely by focusing in moments in your customers’ daily journeys that are real and relevant

The JedAI Story

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