• Reinventing Real-World Personal Engagement

    Enhance engagement with true moments of delight based on customers’ real-world journey

  • JeMA

    World’s First Mobile Engagement Automation platform on a mobile device

  • JedAI Onboard:

    Edge AI means that profiles and data remain local (and private)

Drive Better Results

Create Engagement

Gain Market Share

Increase Spend

Edge AI enables smarter
Customer Engagement

With better targeting based on who your customers really are

With better context based on what your customers are actually doing in the real-world

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Innovative solutions to real challenges


Accurate personalization based on your customers’ real-world daily journey


Reaching out to your customers with something that is useful and relevant to their real-time context


Ensuring the quality of the customer experience doesn’t mean compromising their privacy


Spending your budget wisely by focusing on what is real and relevant

The JedAI Story