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By knowing whether your users are driving, you can either provide timely services that are useful to drivers or pause ones that could cause distraction.
Tap into our crowd-sourced global parking network to determine parking availability and location status.
Provide contextual services relevant to your users’ frequent locations. Anonymously identify whether users are at work, at home, or at their favorite shopping mall
Directly target location and time relevant services/ features to your users in a pre-defined area or venue.
Anonymously detect whether your users are awake or asleep so that you can personalise your app to suit their activity levels.
We’ve all experienced forgetting where we left the car. This feature remembers where users have parked their cars, so they don’t have to.
By detecting whether app users are walking, you can either provide timely services and information based on this specific mobility status and make use of predictive intelligence.
By knowing whether your users are driving, you can either provide timely services that are useful to drivers and promote safe driving.
Smart detection of whether two or more of your app users are in the same location enables contextual activity targeting of services and information based on social activity grouping.
The machine learning capabilities of our SDK make it possible, after a short period of use, to predict app user behaviour and movements.
Parking event detection will enable you to remind your users to pay for on-street parking and provide handy local area parking enforcement information.
Live traffic status and conditions information keeps drivers informed about how and when to plan their journeys.
Provide smart last-mile routing to guide your users to multiple available parking spots close to their destination.
Let your users know estimated walking times and times of arrival.
A cost effective, ready-made 3D mapping and routing service.

Key Benefits

Build Better Apps

Grow engagement by understanding your users real-world movements and preferences in context

Easy JedAI SDK Integration

A single lightweight, high performance SDK-developer friendly and easy to install


Grow engagement by understanding your users real-world movements 24/7, with less than 1% battery per day

Countless Opportunities for Brands

Each with real business benefit. Can be deployed into any app: retail, hospitality, travel, entertainment, education, advertising industries, games and more

Privacy Protected

We follow industry standards to ensure a high level of privacy. We don’t collect Personally Identifiable Data (P||).

Power of the Crowd

Access our global partner network of crowdsourced data from millions of existing users. Take advantage of people powered data.


Javier Pradana

App: Speed Cameras & Red Lights App

“I incorporated JedAI SDK into my ‘Speed Cameras & Red Lights’ app and was excited to see the results! I found it very easy to integrate and very valuable with its many features. Actually, I am now considering to expand my use to more cool features they offer”.


Paolo Rigamonti

App: Prezzi Benzina

“I have incorporated the JedAI SDK into some of my apps. I am amazed by the accuracy of the parking prediction and parking location features. Very cool! I have now expanded the use of JedAI to some more mobility status detection and love it. Well done Anagog team!!”

Headshot2-Mohan (1)


App: In Train Alarm

“We have been using JedAI SDK for a while with our ‘Live Train Status’ app and we love it! The last location feature created by JedAI is loved by our users, which is very important for us. Great ongoing cooperation and support from the Anagog team, and continuous flow of new good ideas that they constantly add to JedAI.”

Roi Elbaz-Pango.CEO

Roi Elbaz

Company: Pango+

“We have been partners of Anagog for a long time now, and I am really impressed by their diligent and professional team. We have implemented the JedAI SDK and the parking network technology into our ‘Pango’ parking payment app and are very happy with the results. We believe that this pioneering technology has a great potential and we are now rolling it out to our install base of users as part of our new first of its kind ‘parking hunter’ service.”


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