Mobile Customer Engagement, reimagined:

Know your users, inside and outside of your app

Stop relying only on app usage and 3rd party data for personalization. Tailor your message and experience to your users and engage them at the best time for each individual’s routine, based on what they do in the app, on their phone and in the real world. All while keeping personal data on-device for privacy.


The Customer Engagement and Enrichment Platform

Place the power of AI directly onto your users’ mobile devices The power of AI inside your users' phones

Personal data stays on-phone
Data Sources



App Usage

User Provided





Engagement Console
  • Segmentation
  • Context-Triggered Engagement
  • Real-World Personalization
  • ML Predictions
  • Content Personalization
  • Anonymized Analytics
Engagement Channels
  • Push Notifications

  • In App Messaging

  • Open Channel API

  • Hyper-Personalization

    Expanded to include real-world first party data

  • Marketing Agility

    No hidden costs, heavy integrations or data preparations

  • Privacy Endgame

    Reduce risks and limitations

Maximize Your Mobile Performance

Build powerful connections and delight your customers by creating tailored individual experiences in all phases of their lifecycle. Exceed your customers’ expectations and earn their trust by ensuring that their privacy and security remain a top priority.

"We have been using the Anagog SDK and are very impressed by its ability to accurately analyze and predict the user behavior for customized offers and a luxurious user experience; two keys for a brand to nurture customer loyalty. "
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Ronny Hermann, Innovation Manager at Mercedes-Benz AG

"Anagog’s end-to-end marketing engagement platform allowed us to hit the ground running with a highly contextual and personalized offering across different mobile services."
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Vit Lichtenstein, Senior Project Manager Business Development at ŠKODA AUTO

"Sportheca’s mission is to generate real transformation in the sports industry through innovation and technology. Integrating the Anagog SDK into our app was a step aligned with this mission. We chose Anagog not only because the platform is amazingly effective, but also to improve the engagement and user retention in our app with real-time context and existing user data. It is an honor to have a company such as Anagog alongside Sportheca on our journey."
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Eduardo Tega, CEO, Sportecha

"Our customers' shopping experience relies very much on making the right offer to the right person at exactly the right time and place. We find the Anagog mobile engagement solution to be the most robust and cost efficient"
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Marek Schweigert, Group Online Marketing Manager

Sometimes to innovate you need to stay inside the box

  • Each mobile phone becomes a trusted private assistant since the AI and data are now kept on the phone
  • No collection or processing - a personalization platform that meets BOTH marketing and compliance needs
  • Future-proof your marketing efforts and apply Privacy Innovation as a differentiation strategy
Anagog way Anagog way

The World Beyond Your App

Post-IDFA and post third-party cookies, personalization is all about first-party data.
Anagog offers a deeper level of personalization, generating insights that are
based on the widest range of app, online and real world data
using powerful machine learning.