At Anagog, we believe first and foremost that user privacy is important and should be protected.

That’s why we’ve developed a unique, patented approach that completely redesigns consumer behavior architectures to consider privacy first.

We’ve taken the challenge that GDPR presents to us and used it as an opportunity to fundamentally change the way businesses collect data. We’ve employed a privacy by design architecture that enables businesses to receive relevant information while ensuring that the users’ data and identities are safe.

First, we employ a patented business-centric data reporting method. This means we only report anonymized statistics on businesses, and not on people.

Second, instead of having the ‘brain’ in the cloud, which requires taking user-identifying raw data off of the user’s device for its calculations, we put our AI on the user’s device. This means all our artificial intelligence and machine learning calculations are done on the user’s handset before conclusions are brought to the cloud.

In essence, private data never leaves the user’s pocket.