There is a paradigm shift about Privacy in today’s digital world

Consumers and regulators are paying growing attention to how current digital marketing practices impact the right to privacy.
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Marketers are put in a difficult spot:
How to provide personalized services without potentially violating the privacy of consumers?

Anagog realized that analyzing consumer data does not require collecting that data and compromising their privacy. With the power of Edge AI, we make the app on the phone smarter, helping it understand the consumer on its own.


The Anagog SDK sits securely inside your app on the consumer’s phone, learning their behavior and evaluating incoming offers in order to make their lives better. Your app grows smarter every day and all personal data remains firmly in the hands, literally, of the user.

Transparency Works

Consumers will cooperate if you follow these tips:

Transparency Works
  • Provide true transparency on what the app is learning on the phone itself
  • Allow them to turn on and off each profiling feature
  • Give them full control over whether they share data and what they share
  • If you want them to share data, make sure they see their benefits

The Anagog Mobile Engagement Platform makes it as easy as possible to offer your consumers transparency and control.
Now that’s a win-win.

Transparency is good for your bottom line.

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