Engagement is the key to cultivating customer relationships

Engagement is the key to cultivating customer relationships

Consumers are exposed to dozens of distractions all the time. They become blind to most of them. To gain any sort of mindshare, you have to create personalized engagement. Engagement is key to cultivating customer relationships, increasing sales volume, promoting new features and more.

Timing is everything

There is a right time and a wrong time for presenting even the most crafted message. Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform gives you complete control over when and where you’ll interact in the daily journeys of your customers.

You can:


Offer coffee to sleepy drivers getting behind the wheel


Suggest a relevant article when your customers are settling in for a long train ride


Remind them that seasonal discounts are available at a store that happens to be nearby

Contextual relevance

Contextual relevance, or the ability to determine the situation in which you would like your customers to receive the message, can easily double or triple the engagement.

With Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform you have full control over when and where the message will pop up.

Leaving home
05:30 am
Running in the park
07:00 am
Visiting engaging shop
05:30 pm
Settling in for a long bus ride
07:00 pm

When does a promotion go from annoying to delightful?
When it is for something that you may need, exactly when you may need it.
That’s how you bring value to your customers and that’s how you get them to engage with you.

To get to know them better, they need to trust you.

Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform helps you gain your customers’ trust. Click to learn how.