What are Micro-Segments?

The key to effective personalization is to understand the individual users as much as possible.

Micro-Segments make it possible to fine tune an audience by drawing a very fine line between different groups of users, based on their different needs, different lifestyles, different interests and different characteristics.

How do they work?

Thanks to unique Edge AI technology, the Anagog Mobile Engagement Platform is able to generate high-quality insights into users’ habits, actions and locations by interpreting the sensor signals of their mobile phone. As our mobile phones are typically with us 24/7, the Anagog SDK can paint a comprehensive picture of our personality, daily routine, lifestyle, needs and interests, without collecting this data to the cloud.

Micro-Segments are isolated slices of that picture. For example, are we early to rise, early to bed types? Do we commute to work every day, and how? How often do we go shopping? What is our main form of exercise? Micro-Segments help focus your efforts on a much more well-defined audience, based on which you can provide them with the right offer, at the right time with the right message.

Since the SDK conducts these interpretations on the device and keeps them there, they do not need to be shared with any external system and the user’s privacy is fully protected.

Using Micro-Segments

When defining a Micro-Segment, you can select from among various aspects of behavior, such as frequency, duration, distance and recency.
Go to the Anagog Console to learn more about how Micro-Segments can
help you create a personalized campaign.