What are Micro-Moments?

The key to effective engagement with an audience is to reach them at the right time and place; when they are most open and receptive to your message.

Micro-Moments are specific intersections of time, action and place, allowing us to plan the circumstances in which our engagement will be most welcome. These are ‘moments of delight’ that can be based on real-world activities as well as in-app actions.

How do they work?

Thanks to unique Edge AI technology, the Mobile Engagement Platform is able to recognize the users’ actions and locations by interpreting the sensor signals of their mobile phone. A campaign creator can choose to engage their audience at a moment such as “when the user is nearby a coffee shop”, or “when they have entered their place of work” or “when they are riding the train”; the potential number of Micro-Moments is endless.

All the campaign parameters that are defined in the Anagog Console are then pulled by the device. If the user is within the target audience, once these conditions are met the Anagog SDK can immediately initiate a trigger or a notification to the user with the campaign message, instead of waiting to communicate with an external ‘cloud’ to retrieve the trigger and the message.

The Anagog SDK conducts all this analysis on the device and keeps it there, so no real-time data needs to be shared with any external system and the user’s privacy is fully protected.

Using Micro-Moments

With Micro-Moments you can plan the place, the mindset and
the relevance of the engagement.
Go to the Anagog Console to learn more about how Micro-Moments can help you
create a delightful moment.