What are Custom Attributes?

The Anagog Mobile Engagement Platform helps you gain deeper insights into who your customers are, combined with everything you already know about them anyway.

Custom Attributes help you leverage first-party data you already have about your customers alongside real-time and real world behavior to create much more compelling engagements through a more personalized campaign.

How do they work?

By concentrating the data from the app and from your own backend, you can make it available for use in your mobile engagement campaigns. By updating Anagog’s SDK with that data, you can allow the campaign creator to fine tune an Audience by adding Custom Micro-Segments such as “favorite brand”, “typical purchase volume and items” or “loyalty club member” to the Micro-Segments that are based on their real-world behavior.

In addition, you can import your own list of locations for triggering campaigns, resulting in promotions for “users who exercise 3 times a week AND whose favorite brand is Nike” that are triggered when users are “walking in the park nearby a Nike retailer”.
The campaigns are pulled by the device; the Anagog SDK verifies the Micro-Segments and then queries the host-app regarding the applicability of the Custom Attributes. The campaign will be activated once the user has met the criteria of the combined segments.

Since the platform does not need to be exposed to any of the actual data, there is no sharing of data and the user’s privacy is fully protected.

Using Custom Attributes

With Custom Attributes you can make campaigns even more personalized and relevant by combining your own lists of proprietary data and your unique locations, with the insights of the Anagog SDK.
Go to the Anagog Console to learn more about how Custom Attributes can help you create more meaningful and focused campaigns.