Use Cases
Will Anagog's Mobile Engagement Platform work for you?

Any B2C company with a mobile strategy can benefit from a hyper-personalized approach with their customers, whether it’s to improve the Customer Experience, cultivate Customer Loyalty or increase Customer Engagement.

Should you care about Hyper-Personalization?

When you understand your customers better, you can provide them with better service. When your customers feel you care about their preferences and their needs, that’s when they’ll start to care about you. When you know when to reach out to your customers, that’s when they’ll be likely to respond.

Can these Use Cases help?

Businesses are as unique as the people they serve and in order to help you succeed, we would love to know more about your specific needs. Until then, we put together some practical examples from a variety of industries to help you envision how you can benefit with JedAI on your side. Explore examples of hyper-personalized campaigns, starting with Target Audiences that are selected based on their real-world behavior (Who), adding the Context, based on their individual real-time actions (When/Where) and ending with the relevant personalized Call to Action (What).