Use Cases

Our JedAI SDK is a powerful addition to any app and will provide you with the actionable mobility status, activity detection, data and actionable insights that will make all the difference in your efforts to successfully engage your customers and expand the reach of your services.

But how do we measure up? We’d like to share with you some useful insights and experiences that demonstrate the world of possibilities that the JedAI SDK opens up for app developers.


Navigation and mapping applications are some of the most used apps. People depend on them to get around and depend upon them to be easy to use, accurate and reliable. Simple voice-guided directions are not enough on their own anymore as users seek live information and intelligence to help with journey planning, directions, parking and etc.

That’s where the JedAI SDK comes to the rescue of navigation app developers. JedAI SDK can make navigation apps smarter with enhancement capabilities. The following are just a few examples of how JedAI SDK can make navigation apps more powerful:

  • Automatic launch when driving is detected
  • Real-time last mile navigation to free parking spots
  • Keep track of your parked car location
  • Parking expiry and payment reminders
  • Live traffic updates


The Challenge: Drivers looking for on-street parking, has been identified as one of the biggest contributors to both congestion and pollution in cities. Drivers not knowing the location, availability of parking close to their intended destinations leads to traffic slow downs as drivers circle and search for parking. It can also lead to illegal parking in some areas and increased journey times.

The Solution: Based on millions of drivers globally, we’ve created the world’s most extensive crowd-sourced real-time parking network, which leverages real-world driver movements and mobility status.

On-device detection results in data collection and our powerful cloud-based backend services enable parking availability predictions and status to be shared intelligently across the network.

Get inspired by what you can do:

The Benefits: Solving this problem gives developers the opportunity to:

  • Enable useful smart parking services to drivers
  • Deliver real-time last mile routing to available on-street parking
  • Help reduce congestion
  • Promote relevant services and offers to your users based on where they park and end destination routing
  • Identify overstays
  • Ensure drivers are kept in the loop about parking policies
  • Detect parking & alert about infringement


Our app partners have used JedAI SDK to develop useful speed camera alerts for drivers. With this feature, drivers are warned as they are approaching a speed camera to help prevent speeding. Our JedAI SDK works continuously in the background, to enable developers to provide either a voice/ simple sound alerts to drivers, even if the specific app has not been launched.


Mass transit apps giving information and allowing journey planning are becoming increasingly popular and used by travelers all over the world. JedAI SDK has been embedded several transportation apps. We can provide useful low power geofencing alerts before a train arrives at a destination and we provide better user-profiling that enables better user personalized information at the right time.

Ever fall asleep on the train or bus and were afraid to miss your stop? Train alarm wakes you up when you get to your stop.

JedAI SDK is simple to work with.
It gives us the mobility analysis we need without any battery footprint”.

Train Alarm | Mohan Noone


Many modern insurance companies are implementing driver profiling capabilities that enable motorists to track, score and improve their driving behavior. By doing this, drivers can produce a qualified risk profile that can be shared with insurers to show how well they drive. If drivers manage to achieve a high enough score, they can opt for a personalized discounted motor insurance quote from insurance companies based on their actual driving behavior. Anagog helps developers convert mobile sensor data into real driver behavioral profiles.

JedAI SDK enables developers to easily track & understand driver performance by collecting a wealth of sensor data that indicates how well someone is driving. The JedAI SDK also is capable of detecting and notifying in real-time, to provide driver coaching capabilities and in the event of an accident, enable faster response times for rescue/ maintenance services.


We all like to know that our family members are safe and location sharing apps can give parents peace of mind by helping them to keep in touch with the children, when they’re out of sight.

Anagog’s low power geo-fencing can deliver real-time app notifications to parents about when their child left school (or any other defined location), and estimated time of arrival back home. All fully automated, without the need for phone calls. It’s all about peace of mind.

Anagog’s geo-fencing capabilities can help parents keep track of their children’s whereabouts and see where they have been, couples can know that their loved ones arrived safely at their destination, friends can locate each other, and even managers can find and keep track of employee safety in the field.


Ride-sharing is growing in popularity and is a great option for the daily commute into the office especially for those who don’t own cars or want to minimize their carbon footprint. Based on our JedAI SDK’s on-device machine learning capabilities, JedAI SDK can help developers to better understand user travel behavior patterns, and provide the option to create apps that help commuters and other travelers, find others in nearby locations with similar transportation needs, to make ride-sharing arrangements. We can offer on-time matching between several passengers who are looking to drive to the same approximate destination.


By knowing the real-time activity level of an app user, JedAI SDK can take apps to the next level of interactive social engagement. Interactive features can be developed to engage all app users that have interests, locations and activities in common, such as a football game or a pop concert. Additionally, if you know that a user is at home sleeping, or driving a car, you can disable any features/ alerts that could cause interference and distraction.


If you know the activity profile and preferences of your users, weather apps can be improved to provide a more personalized weather forecast for each user. If the JedAI SDK can profile your user as a bike rider, you can provide them with a specific warning about hazardous cycling conditions such as strong winds and driving rain. Or if he is a morning runner, you can provide targeted updates about the air pollution status on their chosen route.

By knowing the context of what users like to do and when weather updates and warnings can be delivered to be highly relevant and timely.


Following the phenomenal success of Pokémon Go, other game-app developers understand the massive potential of location-based games. Using real-world maps, locations and tactical objectives in a game can make the progression and achievements feel more palpable. This has the power to boost interest and engagement.

JedAI SDK provides the best tools to create more personal games that can understand the real-time mobility status of gamers as well as their whereabouts. This can make the game itself more fun, as well as introduce the option to invite new users to join in and play the game at the right moment and location.


Android launcher apps have been standing out part of the Android experience for a long time. Users who don’t like the way their home screens look or act have the power to change them using Android launchers.

Android launchers are very popular apps, as they offer users lots of options to customize the use and appearance of their Android handset and how they use it. JedAI SDK can be used by developers to supercharge their launcher apps’ ability to better understand their users. How about changing the home screen to a car mode or turning off SMS ringtone when driving is detected? Or popping up games when riding on a bus or a train is detected? You can even offer specific services when the user is at home or in the office? Context is everything and we can help you add intelligence and assistive personalized features to your Android launcher.