Big data comes with big costs

When it comes to personalization, the algorithms require a lot of data to process. Creating data models, storing petabytes of data gathered from millions of users, constantly ‘crunching the data’; all that requires a lot of hardware.

Big data comes with big costs
Collecting, then anonymizing data from millions of devices drives transmission costs, hosting costs and storage costs. If any one of those processes is breached...and here come the legal costs.

Not with JedAI

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JedAI not only makes your system smarter, more personal and more private, it also makes it more cost-effective. Instead of centralizing the data, we distribute the intelligence. Instead of waiting for the cloud, the decisions are made in real-time on the phone.

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Our Edge AI technology sits on each mobile device and only analyzes the actions of that user; it personalizes campaigns for that consumer, and only has to maintain the data on that device.

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JedAI doesn’t need you to collect the data, analyze it or store it on your own servers. You don’t need to back up the data or secure it in your own cloud. In fact, the data doesn’t have to leave the phone at all. How’s that for privacy?

With JedAI you get all the benefits of a hyper-personalized engagement platform, with small data and even smaller costs. You’re welcome.

JedAI makes bosses and customers happy.

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