Universal Personalization

Hyper-personalization relies on first-party data that has been made available by customers for use in marketing efforts. However, your customers may not all consent to make all types of data available.

Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform solves that by helping you address each user individually, without being dependent on specific personal data permissions. 

Universal Personalization
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The Mobile Engagement Platform lets you leverage a variety of first-party data so you can create campaigns that accurately target specific Micro-Segments within your customer-base. For some types of mobile data, such as locations and physical activities, specific permissions are required.

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Apps are required to obtain the users’ permission to access those types of data, regardless of how the data is used. While many consumers may grant those permissions without a second thought, so may be reluctant.


Does that decrease the size of the audience that you can reach with hyper-personalized offers?

Not with Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform

This flexibility allows you to create a wide range of hyper-personalized campaigns that cover 100% of your customer base: loyal customers who have granted the full range of permissions, those who have only granted partial permissions and even those hard-to-convince customers who have yet to give any permissions at all.

By making sure you bring value to each customer while respecting their privacy choices, you’ll be able to earn their trust.

With the Edge AI technology that is at the core of the solution, you can create audience segmentation and contextual relevance using various types of first-party data, including app behavior, online purchases and real-world behavior (such as activities and locations).

Using the Mobile Engagement Platform you can create hyper-personalized engagement based on any combination of that data.


Your customers want to be able to trust you.

Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform helps you win them over
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