Universal Personalization

Responsible hyper-personalization relies on accurate information that customers have approved for use in marketing efforts.

Universal Personalization
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The Mobile Engagement Platform lets you leverage a variety of data to segment your customers into focused target audiences. However, not all customers have the same attitude towards the use of their personal data.

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Apps are required to obtain the users’ permission for any use of certain types of data, even locally. While many consumers may grant those permissions without a second thought, not all of them do.


Does that mean that some customers will not be eligible to receive personalized offers?

Not with Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform

With JeMA you can create a wide range of personalized campaigns that cover 100% of your customer base: those who have given full permission, those who only granted partial permissions or even those skeptical customers who have given no permissions at all.

Specifically, not with the Edge AI technology that creates a specific architecture for this, JedAI. JedAI allows you to create segments and campaign triggers using various sources of data, including those that are created by the JedAI SDK, those that are based on app-usage and your own custom attributes and locations that have been imported by you into the JedAI Marketing Assistant (JeMA).


Your customers want to be able to trust you.

Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform helps you win them over, regardless of permissions
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