Anagog Overview

Reinventing Real-World Personalization, with Edge AI. Offer personalized and contextual services while providing unmatched privacy control

The JedAI Story

The JedAI Product Suite is a revolutionary solution that changes the paradigm of Mobile Marketing Automation to maximize both personalization and privacy.

Hyper-Personalization with JedAI

JedAI helps you get personal with your entire consumer base by segmenting them into highly targeted audiences based on their real-world daily journey

Creating Engagement with JedAI

Engage with real people in moments that matter by creating “the perfect context”; the moment, the place and the action.

JeMA- The JedAI Marketing Assistant

JeMA creates mobile engagement by enabling hyper-targeted campaigns without requiring that any personal data will be shared outside of the device.

JedAI Provides Personalization with Privacy

Protecting consumers’ privacy is a mandatory part of reinventing real-world personalization. Ignoring it is not an option.

Retail Solutions

By understanding the customers better, retailers can provide relevant and contextual offers, products and services that will more likely convert into sales.

Banking Solutions

Banking on hyper-personalization can mean the difference between good customer service and great customer service.

Automotive Solutions

Driving greater experiences with Edge AI. Learning more about your customers allows you to make timely, relevant offers that increase loyalty.

Insurance Solutions

Provide tailor-made services that meet your customers’ individual needs and budgets by understanding real-world behavior.

Anagog Short Overview

Anagog – Turning Mobility into Utility (Shortened Version)
Revolutionizing the way you understand your consumers behavior by using Edge-AI.


Mercedes-Benz meets Anagog

Mercedes-Benz meets Anagog:
With AI into future of mobility | ONETalk

DigitalLife TechTalks #1

DigitalLife TechTalks #1:
Meet and greet Sabine Scheunert



The Bridge 2017 Showcase

The Bridge 2017:
Showcase – Anagog

Anagog: Turning Mobility into Utility

Anagog helps turn Mobility into Utility

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