Anagog to Showcase the Potential for Micro-Segments and Micro-Moments to Improve Personalization and Privacy at Money 20/20 on October 27-30, 2019

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NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anagog, a pioneer of on-device artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, will be exhibiting its Edge AI software development kit, JedAI, at Money 20/20, which is being held October 27-30, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

During the event, Anagog will be exhibiting its artificial intelligence engine, JedAI, which leverages Edge AI on a mobile phone to understand and predict offline user behavior by capturing and locally analyzing the data gathered by the phone’s sensors. Anagog’s JedAI software, when implemented on a smartphone, enables the device to understand its user’s micro-segments (persona) and micro-moments (context), and can do so while ensuring the user remains anonymous. Since all data is collected and analyzed on the phone itself and requires no dependency on a third-party cloud, Anagog’s solutions offer users unparalleled control over their privacy and personal information by enabling them to choose with whom and to what extent they share their data.

By leveraging the full power of the smartphone in our pocket, Anagog enables banks to engage with their customers in a much deeper way thereby increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value. By using Anagog’s solutions, banks are now able to anticipate customer needs to provide offers, rewards, financial services, and access to the things consumers want and need at the perfect time and place.

“Historically, personalization and privacy have been at odds with one another, and our solutions essentially eliminate that tradeoff and prove that the two can coexist,” said Gil Bolotin, Anagog’s VP of Business Development North America. “By understanding an individual’s micro-segments and micro-moments, we can enable businesses to finally target their customers and prospects with the right message at the right time, and we can do so while allowing the customers to decide if they want to remain anonymous or share some level of information. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate to leaders in the FinTech space how our solutions can help them improve customer loyalty and customer lifetime value, while exceeding the privacy regulations and becoming the ‘good guys’ in the privacy debate.”

Money 20/20 is a leading Payments, Banking, FinTech, and Financial Services event that brings together industry leaders to discuss and explore the ways in which the world uses, spends, borrows, and saves money. To learn more about Anagog and to see a demonstration of JedAI, please visit Booth 4317 at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas between October 27-30, 2019.

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Anagog is the pioneer of on-device artificial intelligence solutions that turn mobile phones into smart digital extensions of their owners. Anagog’s JedAI technology enables advanced Edge AI capabilities that do not require pulling any personal data outside the phone, hence fiercely protecting user’s privacy. JedAI learns the user’s unique profile on the smartphone itself and enables prediction of future activities and visits to places. Users can benefit from better personal and contextual services without being required to share any of their personal data. Anagog’s technology was downloaded more than 25 million times globally and integrated into more than 100 mobile apps. For more information please visit:

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