C-Suite on Deck: Ofer Tziperman on Media7

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Anagog’s CEO sat down for the Media7: “C-Suite on Deck” series to explain to readers why we should take care that, when it comes to digital marketing and personal data, “What happens on the phone, stays on the phone”. Ofer presents the power of Edge AI, as a technology, to fundamentally solve privacy concerns with mobile engagement and enable hyper-personalized customer experiences.

“Edge AI is like having a personal assistant within an app. Your own phone combines your instructions with its own observations to create hundreds of profile segments and contextual moments about you. Based on this it knows to anonymously pull only the relevant offers the app has for you and to present them at the ‘best moment of engagement’ when you are most likely to be available and receptive. Throughout this process, none of your PII data needs to leave your phone. This completely revolutionizes the way customers can be served with personal offerings.”

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Read more about how Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform, powered by Edge AI, delivers unique insights based on what users do in the app, on their phone and in the real world, without taking any personal data off of the phone.