ŠKODA AUTO Invests in Israeli Start-up Anagog

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  • Strategic investment in the company gives ŠKODA access to new technology in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data
  • Anagog technology is already integrated in more than 100 smartphone apps to analyse mobility patterns


Mladá Boleslav / Tel Aviv 19 July 2018 – ŠKODA AUTO has become a minority shareholder in the Israeli high-tech start-up Anagog. The Israeli company was founded in 2010 and develops technology in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The technology is already used in more than one hundred different smartphone apps.


Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier and Anagog CEO Ofer Tziperman. Photo:ŠKODA AUTO

“With our strategic investment in the high-tech start-up Anagog, we are expanding our expertise and access to new technology. Artificial intelligence in the field of mobility plays an important role in this,” said ŠKODA AUTO CEO Bernhard Maier, adding, “Our ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab Israel Ltd is developing into an important catalyst on our way to becoming the Simply Clever company. Using the technologies developed by Anagog we are in a position to better understand our customers and to offer them tailor-made solutions as a result.”

The strategic investment in Anagog is ŠKODA AUTO’s next move in the Israeli start-up scene. ŠKODA AUTO intends to use the products developed by the successful start-up to rigorously extend its range of digital mobility services. The technologies developed by Anagog analyse data from smartphone sensors and use these to create movement patterns. At Anagog, the data are processed by unique AI software. The technology is currently already used in more than one hundred different smartphone apps.

ŠKODA AUTO’s strategic partner and importer Champion Motors has contributed to the investment. The company is a technology investor and, together with ŠKODA AUTO, founded the joint venture ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab Israel Ltd at the end of 2017.

Anagog CEO Ofer Tziperman said, “We are proud to have the opportunity to work with a partner as strong as ŠKODA AUTO. Together, we want to develop new digital solutions.”

As one of the three megatrends besides electromobility and autonomous driving, digitalisation will shape the change of mobility. Tel Aviv is considered one of the most dynamic locations in the world for IT start-ups, which is why the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab in Prague and the Israeli ŠKODA importer Champion Motors have established a joint venture there – ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab Israel Ltd. Its aim is to connect with IT start-ups and to benefit from the thriving IT start-up scene in Israel.

ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab Israel Ltd initiated collaboration with ten start-ups as early as the beginning of 2018; six projects are already in the concrete project development phase. The start-ups concerned are mainly working on developments in artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security and vehicle sensor technology.


About Anagog

Anagog is the industry’s pioneer in smartphone sensor signal processing and the first company to understand the mobility status of users while consuming minimal battery power. Anagog’s technology is implemented in over 20 million handsets globally via 100 mobile services from different domains collecting billions of anonymized data points each day.

For more information please visit: www.anagog.com