Privacy by Design

We are turning everything upside down.

At Anagog, we believe it’s time to think differently about privacy. It’s time to make our mobile phones work for us. And it’s time for consumers to own their own personally identifiable information (PII).

Too often we are disappointed when large corporations make empty promises to keep our private information secure. Too often we see our privacy being cynically ignored while marketers turn our private data into their own profits.

And yet, do we really have a choice to keep our data private? Can we really put our trust in these providers? What will be done with our private data once it is harvested from our smartphones and sent into remote and unknown cloud servers?

It’s time for a change.

Edge-AI is the future of privacy because it allows our private data to remain on our smartphones while we may still benefit from personal and contextual services..

How is that possible?
With Anagog’s JedAI.

JedAI SDK is a highly-sophisticated patented technology that allows users to turn their smartphones into smart artificial intelligence engines that use the phone’s on-device sensors to build personal and private profiles on their smartphones, without the need to send any of their personally identifiable information (PII) to a remote server. It’s an industry first, a design for privacy.

The user’s precious private data remains in his or her possession and under the user’s own control. It is not stored anywhere else – not even at Anagog. JedAI helps smartphones evolve into the user’s digital extension, one that can proactively pull into the phone relevant services and offers at the right time and place, without ever surrendering the user’s data privacy and identity.

What makes JedAI unique?

With JedAI, Anagog offers the only patented technology that enables a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence engine on a smartphone (Edge-AI) with almost no impact on the phone’s battery and one that never needs to communicate with a remote server. This is called Edge-AI, and we believe it is the future of privacy. With the privacy by design JedAI Edge-AI software, users are back in control. Even if they choose not to share their private data with anyone, they may still enjoy personal and contextual services based on their profile on the smartphone. Users might elect to share some of their personally identifiable information (PII) with any service provider they choose in exchange for whatever real value that provider is offering. What’s more, JedAI puts users in full control of their private profiles. JedAI users can view their personal profiles at any time and edit them as they see fit. With JedAI, it’s your data and it’s your decision.