We understand that in order to fully engage with the mobile consumer, businesses need to understand their user’s mobility status, location and activity context in real-time. And that’s where we come in. Anagog is the world’s leading mobility and user context data platform, helping businesses around the world make sense of their mobile customers. We’re here to help you understand and engage with your users when it matters the most.

We offer a comprehensive set of features that support the full spectrum of your advanced user mobility status and contextual activity data needs.

Meet JedAI – The First On-Handset AI Engine!

Our SDK, is the first and only on-handset Artificial Intelligence Engine that interprets raw signals to mobility status data. It runs in the background without server dependency resulting in ultra-low battery consumption.

JedAI SDK provides 3 main layers of features:

Mobility Status



Driving status detection
User activity detection
Car location detection
Walking status detectionWalking status detection2 (1)
Walking status detection
Frequent places detection
Low power
Speed camera detectionSpeed camera detection2
Speed camera detection
Geo groupingGeo grouping2
User behavior predictionUser behavior prediction2
User behavior prediction
Crowd-sourced parking network
Parking payment remindersParking payment reminders2
Parking payment reminders
Real-time traffic statusReal-time traffic status2
Real-time traffic status updates
Multi-point routing engineMulti-point routing engine2
Multi-point routing engine
Walking ETAs
Walking ETAs
3D Mapping Service layer3D Mapping Service layer2
3D & Dynamic mapping service
Driving Status Detection

Driving Status

Mobility Status Detection

Phone sensor data can be used to determine whether your user is in motion and driving a car. By detecting driver status, you can deliver assistive services/ information or stop those that could distract drivers.

With driving status detection you can:

  • Unlock the potential of automating voice-guided navigation
  • Collect real-time traffic data
  • Provide ETA updates to friends/ family
  • Alert drivers about traffic conditions
  • Develop tomorrow’s connected ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistive Services) features
  • And many more possibilities…

Knowing the activity status of your users, such as if they are awake or asleep, will help you build engagement features and personalize your app in context of whether users are active or resting.

Using anonymous continuous activity detection, it doesn’t matter whether your app is actively in use or not, here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Greet your users when they wake up
  • Provide useful notifications and updates
  • Switch services into ‘do not disturb’ mode
  • Run useful updates overnight
  • And many more possibilities…
User Activity Detection

User Activity

Mobility Status Detection

Car Location Detection

Car Location

Mobility Status Detection

Take the hassle out of remembering exactly where your users have parked their cars, at the shopping mall, sports stadium or airport. By integrating our automatic parking event detection feature, your app can take a helpful automatic fix of an exact parking location.

With this feature you can:

  • Help users find their car
  • Deliver last mile navigation to and from a parked car
  • Enable parked car location sharing
  • Alert drivers about traffic conditions
  • And many more possibilities…

Detect whether a user is walking and use predictive intelligence to improve your app services. With our JedAI SDK inside and machine learning, any device can detect mobility status and automatically start to learn and then predict a user’s destination and frequently visited places.

This feature enables the following capabilities:

  • Predict user end destinations and routes
  • Predict whether the user is returning to their car
  • Detect whether users are transitioning between two stationary positions
  • Deliver timely retail or other commercial service offerings based on user location
  • Enable relevant businesses to advertise and attract new customers
  • And many more possibilities…
Walking Status Detection

Walking Status

Mobility Status Detection

Frequent Places Detection

Frequent Places

Location Detection

Our JedAI SDK’s machine learning algorithm can learn where home / work is after only a few days of usage. When your users are approaching, leaving or are simply at home, you can provide them with contextual services relevant to their home life such as reminders, games or connected home services.

The same can be done with a place of work, enabling information services, updates and reminders that are relevant to work activity or a work location such as:

  • Activate connected home services (switch home heating on/off)
  • Remind your users of their daily work to-do lists
  • Suggest lunch break restaurants/ cafes
  • Suggest when to leave and commuting routes that avoid traffic
  • Alert you to special offers available at your favorite stores/ restaurants
  • And many more possibilities…

A geofence is a virtual perimeter that defines a real-world geographic area called a geo-zone. The JedAI SDK gives you accurate and powerful geofencing tools that have been optimized to ensure low power consumption. Your geo-zone can either be a radius around a location or a predefined set of boundaries. Common examples of geo-zones include retail stores, parties, sports stadiums, festivals, airports and train stations etc.

Copy-of-Depositphotos_26861259_original                     People in the same pub / party
Copy-of-AdobeStock_66382257                      People in the same moving train / bus
Copy-of-Depositphotos_10726626_original                      People in the same football stadium

The same can be done with a place of work, enabling information services, updates and reminders that are relevant to work activity or a work location such as:

  • Engage users inside and outside your predefined geo-zone
  • Send useful updates/ notifications
  • Target special offers
  • Provide customer loyalty rewards

Geo-fencing also enables you to identify and target users with a common set of interests/ activities.

Low Power Geo-Fencing

Low Power

Location Detection

Speed Camera Detection

Speed Camera

Location Detection

Phone sensor data can be used to determine whether your user is driving a car and their exact location. With this feature you can automatically give drivers the heads-up to tell them they are approaching a speed camera and warn them if they are speeding. Intelligent traffic alerts help keep drivers updated, to drive safely and avoid fines.

With this feature you can:

  • Deliver voice notifications that alert drivers of their speed and if they are speeding
  • Alert drivers to the location of speed/ safety cameras
  • Deliver alerts even when the app is not in active use
  • And many more possibilities…

We can help you detect whether two or more of your app users are now in the same venue with shared activity and interests. This creates powerful and actionable insights that can help you make your app more relevant and fun.

Geo-fencing will help you to enhance your app and unlock monetization of your users with the following capabilities:

With this feature you can:

  • Display content and deliver services specific to the venue or event
  • Deliver discounts, coupons and offers
  • Provide advertising tailored to the user’s location and activity
  • Socialize your app by encouraging user interaction and connection
  • Use user behavior insight to improve the take-up and engagement of your app
  • And many more possibilities…


Location Detection

User Behavior Prediction

User Behavior

Location Detection

Based on our JedAI SDK’s machine learning we can predict a driver’s next destination, depending on the day of the week / hour in the day, so you can be ready to serve your user with more contextual information based on their behaviors and preferences.

With this feature you can:

  • Predict destination
  • Offer real-time traffic status and route suggestions
  • Provide retail offers, contextual to the user’s destination or route
  • And many more possibilities…

Cloud Services

The real-time integration to our back-end services enables you to tap in to the power of Anagog’s cloud based processing-power, insight and intelligence services. These additional cloud services allow you to provide the following attractive end-user capabilities.

By providing real-time parking availability status all over the world, our JedAI SDK is ready for developers to enhance their apps by providing timely updates to their users on parking availability.

Imagine what helpful features you could develop if you could direct your users to available parking or by getting an automatic fix on where they parked their car, in a hurry, your app could help find it again.

The following parking status events are detected:

  • Real Time Parking vacation events – global aggregate real-time parking vacation events are made available to app developers to show nearby parking availability status
  • Parking Occupancy – statistical data layer of parking occupancy
  • Parking Lots/ Car Parks – provision of a layer of ‘actual’ active parking lots whether officially planned or otherwise
  • Parking Regulation – provision of parking restrictions in each city
Crowd-Sourced Parking Network

Parking Network

Cloud Services

Parking Payment Reminders

Parking Payment

Cloud Services

The JedAI SDK can detect parking events so that you can deliver local parking options information and remind your user to pay for on-street parking. Keep your users up-to-date with local parking enforcement rules wherever they are, and help them avoid parking fines or restrictions.

With this feature you can:

  • Detect the location of the user’s parked car
  • Alert users to pay for parking and direct to the relevant ‘pay by mobile’ services
  • Provide local parking information

With our rapidly growing install base of users globally, we are even able to tell you about traffic conditions in each city, where we have a sufficient number of users.

Real-time traffic status data will enable you to:

  • Provide congestion ahead warnings
  • Suggest alternative routes
  • Suggest departure times
  • Provide estimated arrival times
  • And lots of other useful traffic status information
Real-Time Traffic Status Updates

Real-Time Traffic
Status Updates

Cloud Services

Multi-Point Rouying Engine

Routing Engine

Cloud Services

When your user is approaching a driving destination we can provide smart last-mile multi-point routing to guide them to the nearest available parking spaces based on real-time parking departure events.

Real-time traffic status data will enable you to intelligently guide users to the best available parking space in an area at any time.

Based on our back-end routing engine, our JedAI SDK can provide you with calculated walking route options and the predicted time to your user’s destination.

  • Deliver pedestrian routing options
  • Provide ETA updates
  • Target retail offers contextual to the user’s destination or route
Walking Etas

Walking ETAs

Cloud Services

3D Dynamic mapping service

3D & Dynamic
mapping service

Cloud Services

We know that when it comes to implementing location-based services, many app developers are looking for ready-made solutions that will enable them to hit the ground running with a cost-effective, ready-made mapping and routing service.

Thanks to our extensive data and experience with GIS and location, we are able to provide developers with another optional layer on top of the JedAI SDK that can provide you with basic mapping services. Our mapping engine provides worldwide mapping coverage based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) with optional 3D visualization. Thanks to the power of our crowdsourced distributed network, we’ve mapped millions of points of interests. Our digital map data is constantly and dynamically being updated globally.

With this feature you can:

  • Display helpful map-based information
  • Calculate and suggest routes
  • Provide 3D locality visualizations
  • Trigger geo-centric app events based on mobility and location
  • And many more possibilities…