Privacy: The 5th P of Marketing

Winning the customer endgame means that you must first figure out the privacy endgame…

The 4 Ps have been the foundation of Marketing strategists for many years; they are timeless. Technological innovation, however, has led us to identify a 5th P that is no less crucial for the success of a digital marketing strategy, Privacy. Without a responsible approach to Privacy, marketers will lose access to the personal data of their customers. Without that there can be no personalization. Without personalization your chances of meeting your marketing KPIs are low.

The problem is that privacy guidelines are constantly evolving, a moving target for those who are trying to compete for retail consumers. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to devote time, money and energy to stay compliant? Playing that game can be frustrating and costly.

You don’t have to play anymore; there is a way out of this harmful cycle..

Download this whitepaper if you are interested to learn how you can avoid getting overwhelmed by incremental changes to your privacy and data practices by skipping straight to the endgame.