Retail Solutions

Smart, Individualized, Tailor-Made Experiences
For Today’s Consumers

Today’s consumerism has evolved from the masses to the individual. Customers seek smart, individualized and tailor-made experiences, while demanding their privacy. Anagog revolutionizes the way you can understand your customer’s behavior, with Anagog gain true customer insights. By utilizing smartphone Edge-AI technology Anagog helps brands provide highly personalized, contextual services and experiences, to their customers, while providing unmatched privacy control.

Simply put, Anagog can help you deliver greater and smarter consumer data and insights to craft the most tailored mobile consumer experience possible.

JedAI, Anagog’s Edge-AI technology lets you gain greater understanding of your customers to engage in a more personal and contextual way. The ultimate customer insights solution.

Customer Insights

Develop a deep understanding of the customer’s behavior beyond the store. Insights that cannot be identified today via existing data:

  • Customer profile and lifestyle
  • Life events and evolution over time
  • Routine / schedule, prediction of activity

Anagog’s solution allows brands to know their customers better, based on actual behavioral data and micro-segmentation.

Enhanced Personalization

From personalization to hyper-personalization. Data without context is just a lot of numbers. Data with context is knowledge. Our on-smartphone AI understands your customer’s life journey beyond the doors of your store. With Anagog and JedAI, you’re able to offer the right product or service to any consumer, and deliver it to them exactly when they need it.

  • Hyper-personalization: Offers, deals, rewards based on the individual customers’ behaviors. Connecting behavior to product (what, when, and where to engage)
  • Loyalty and rewards: Use JedAI’s insights to increase engagement and create moments of surprise and delight which are key to increase loyalty and engagement
  • Find the right moment to engage with your customer’s based on context and real-time triggers

Marketing Optimization

  • Launch highly targeted and efficient marketing campaigns. Know if the campaign was successful and for whom, when and where exactly
  • Bridge the online and offline gap (e.g., what contribution physical impression had on online purchase and vice versa)
  • Optimize localized marketing spend and marketing ROI
  • Outlook on where else your customers are shopping and who is a high-value customer to win market share
  • Provide a consistent customer experience in-store, online, and on smartphone
  • Competitive analysis – own store performance vs. competition, churn

Real Estate & Store Optimization

  • Leverage the in-depth customer insights (behavioral and retail foot traffic) and competitive analysis to understand where and when your customers are shopping to define new store locations and optimize store distribution
  • Analyze customer insights (habits and lifestyles and refine product assortment/align stores with the relevant preferences