Automotive & Mobility Solutions

Map Behavior, in and out of the Vehicle to Unlock Relevant Offers and Services

For automotive and mobility services providers, understanding customer behaviors and mobility characteristics is the key to providing relevant services, offers and increasing their loyalty. Anagog can help you deliver greater and smarter consumer data and insights to craft the most tailored mobile experience possible, all with optimal privacy control.

Automotive and mobility solutions with JedAI from Anagog, helps automakers and mobility service providers offer relevant services at the right time.



  • Automatically detect transport modes, differentiating between public or private modes
  • Secure travel analytics, providing in-depth detailed trip insights
  • Gather and analyze deep brick-and-mortar business information, from the competitive landscape for each car dealership branch to campaign effectiveness
  • Optimize EV charging station locations detection and analyze EV battery performance competitive analyses, based on Anagog’s crowdsourced data
  • Ensure user privacy by storing personally identifiable information on the smartphone
  • Gather information without draining the user’s device battery

Vehicle & Beyond

Profile lifestyle and behavior of drivers, monitoring out-of-vehicle activity and context, to:

  • Tailor post sales activities based on this behavior
  • Predictive analytics: Churn and car purchasing intent and servicing / maintenance
  • Contextualized offerings based on location and activity
  • Promote services and offers to users based on where they park and end-destination routing
  • Personalize and turn-on relevant services as the driver arrives to the car


Insurance mobility solutions with Anagog’s JedAI:

  • Detect driving behaviors, smartphone-related distraction and distinct between driver and passenger
  • Facilitate usage based insurance (UBI):
  • Measure miles driven for pay-per-mile insurance
  • Enable pay-as-you-drive, pay-how-you-drive, and manage-how-you-drive offerings
  • Detect collisions – Automatically detects and analyzes in real-time, even minor accidents