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3 things you can do to start safeguarding your privacy online
Mar 4,2019
Like JedAI, for example, a new service from Tel Aviv-based Anagog, is helping companies target smartphone users without touching any personal information.
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The Bridge 2019 Program
Feb 21,2019
Out of hundreds of companies that applied to the Coke / Walmart Bridge, ANAGOG was accepted to the program for 2019 and is one of the eight participants.
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How and Why Privacy is the New Disrupter for Marketers
Feb 19,2019
It sounds counterintuitive, but increasingly stringent consumer data privacy rules can help marketers better target prospects.
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Balancing Consumer Privacy with Personalized Offers
Feb 14,2019
There’s no doubt consumers traditionally are willing to part with personal data for great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And in 2018, this trend continued...
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Nine Tel Aviv start-ups set for global domination in everything from AI to VR
Jan 28,2019
Start Wars enthusiasts should be fans of the name of Anagog’s software JedAI SDK, an artificial intelligence engine that collects and uses data from a handheld device’s sensors to build a user profile on that handset.
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Anagog Cures Data Privacy Concerns with World’s First On-Handset AI Engine
Dec 21,2018
AiTHORITY's coverage of Anagog curing data privacy concerns with world’s first on-handset AI engine.
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Smartphone Users Don’t Want ‘Failing’ Cloud-Based Data Privacy: Survey
Nov 13,2018
Smartphone users don't want cloud-based data privacy as they're highly skeptical about the very concept of the thereof, according to a new Survey Monkey study commissioned by AI company Anagog.
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Skoda Expands Israeli Presence with Three Startup Collaborations
Dec 2,2018
Czech automaker Škoda Auto a.s. is expanding its footprint in Israel. The company announced on Thursday collaborations with three Israel-based startups, Chakratec Ltd., Anagog Ltd., and UVeye Ltd., and stated it is already testing their technologies.
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Skoda partners with three more Israeli startups
Dec 2,2018
The carmaker's Tel Aviv Digilab has formed partnerships with kinetic storage company Chakratec, AI company Anagog and car body scanner UVeye.
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Anagog wins “Most Innovative Use of Mobile Technology” at CMO Asia Awards
Aug 6,2018
Won this past week the “Most Innovative Use of Mobile Technology” award under the Mobile App category at CMO Asia.
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