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Anagog, a pioneer of on-device artificial intelligence (AI) solutions (Edge-AI), has secured first place in the X5 Retail-Tech Challenge for Retail Innovation.

More consumers say they are increasingly leery of third parties using and capitalizing on their private data. In a consumer data privacy survey conducted in recent weeks for Anagog, two in three consumers said they are willing to dump data-collecting apps if the information collected is unrelated to the app’s function, or unless they receive real value – such as that derived through email or browsers.

With Absolutely No Reliance on the Cloud, JedAI 4.0 Marries Personalized, Location-based Consumer Offerings with Complete Privacy

In an independent survey, 70 percent of consumers queried on their data privacy preferences said they would prefer to keep their data private on their mobile phones, if given the option.

Anagog’s Expansion Meets Growing Worldwide Demand for JedAI Applications in Banking, Automotive, Insurance and Other Markets