Creating Engaging Moments Between Your App and Your Customers

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How can you create content that is truly engaging for your users, in order to retain them? It’s about making those moments of interaction useful.

We know as marketers that content has a great impact on your customer acquisition and retention strategies; whether to convert new users or to retain the loyalty of your existing customers. Having engaging content that ‘ticks all the boxes’ is a great start, but it falls short if it isn’t relevant to your audience.

Engaging content is content that is useful in the moment (in your customer’s daily, real-world journey), content that will matter to your customer. Customers are more likely to use your app, your services, or click when you provide your solutions in real-time –  providing a valuable context. This can all help towards retaining your customer for a longer length of time.

Retaining Your app Users:

  1. Establishing a relationship of trust – by being transparent. Be open and honest in your communication, on how their data is used (if at all)
  2. Targeting in defined moments of time. Target the specific parts of your customers’ daily journeys, and segment accordingly to gain greater engagement results
  3. Abiding by the formula of personas (profile/behaviors) + context (real-world activities) + service / offer = a moment that cannot be passed. Providing greater value for your customer, and therefore a higher potential for engagementFormula for content engagement with results

Content for Engagement

Retaining your app users is all about providing a service that benefits them and keeps your app at their fingertips. But how can you make sure that this will actually be the case? Retention is a continuous onboarding process – to infuse this process with value you need to engage micro-segmented users with offerings that work in relation to their daily lives. What are they doing at that specific moment? Does that push notification you want to distribute matter to them at that moment? Your content may be great, but if they do not have the time for it, it falls to the “dismiss”, or ignored bucket. Relating to point two and three above, timing, as they say, is everything.

Creating “those” Moments for Engaging Content – Make it Useful in that Moment

We understand that there are many levels of engagement. For us a true moment of engagement is making it useful, and to be acted upon in the instance the service / offer was received.  For example, I am an athleisure brand that wants to target runners that run at least 2 times a week. I would then create a trigger of the offer; for a discount on athleisure outfits when they are nearby a store. This scenario provides actionable opportunities with relevant content. The relevancy can increase the likelihood for engagement and the  value of the brand in the eyes of your customer. 

All data on the phone for optimal engagementAt Anagog, we have created a Mobile Engagement Platform that drives marketers to create engaging content that is useful in the moment. By having marketers target their audiences based on the relevant micro-segments (personas) and micro-moments (context) of their campaign (see point three above), and choosing the relevant, real-world context that the notification should be triggered, it creates a scenario where the content is actually useful, relevant and actionable, as it relates to a customers’ actions in that exact moment.

What makes it that much greater, is that these campaigns lay dormant on only the applicable devices of those that suit these personas, and triggered only when needed (only when they are in the relevant context). Upholding, and surpassing all privacy regulations for your customers.

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