Winning the Endgame – The Cheat Codes

Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes

In a recent piece posted in StreetFightMag, The Privacy Endgame, we made the case that there is only one way to avoid sacrificing a lot of money and consumer goodwill while scrambling to keep on the right side of privacy regulations. The solution is to leapfrog over incremental improvements in privacy policy and jump directly to the endgame; an architecture in which hyper-personalized engagement continues to fuel a compelling User Experience while private data stays private, protected from prying eyes by existing only on the user’s phone.

At Anagog, we have developed the pieces that make this endgame a reality, an option that is available to any company that wants to win the customer relationship by providing unrivaled personalization and true privacy. The cheat code is as simple as these three steps:


Step 1: Make the app smarter

The Edge AI technology referenced in the piece, that allows us to run artificial intelligence on a device such as the user’s phone, is embedded in our SDK. By integrating the SDK into their host app, companies can benefit from a range of insights that are generated by on-phone analysis of various data points to identify the actions, locations and activities of the user. These insights can then be used for precise Audience segmentation, such as “Users who run twice a week”, “Users who often take the bus” or “Users who arrive at Work before 8:00am.”. The smarter app will also be able to identify the individual daily journey of users in order to trigger an engagement at the right time. 


Step 2: Transform the Campaign Flow

When the data is safely kept on-phone, offering hyper-personalized engagement with true privacy protection is made possible. Using Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform, you can remotely configure the SDK, including which proprietary Custom Attributes you want to use for your campaigns. Using a straightforward, intuitive interface, you can then define engagement campaigns. This includes highly granular Audience segmentation, very specific, individual Contexts for optimal engagement, and a compelling Call-to-Action to increase the likelihood of a conversion. The campaigns will be activated only for the target audience and will patiently wait for each user until the timing is right to trigger the engagement.


Step 3: Use any 1st party data that is available

First-party data is data that is generated from direct interactions with the user, so it is fresh, accurate and much more reliable. Depending on the user’s consent, such data can start with their purchase history, their app behavior and delivery preferences and extend all the way to include their real-time location and motion data. When all that data resides in the cloud, many customers can find it to be uncomfortably revealing. When all that data goes through a 3rd party (e.g. a cloud-based Mobile engagement platform), this can create unnecessary exposure for the company. By keeping the data on the phone, Anagog helps you avoid these thorny issues while still maintaining the ability to use a rich data set for targeting and engaging your users. Moreover, this makes it much easier to be fully transparent with the users and ensure that they maintain control over their data and how it is used.

Winning any game involves making the right moves at the right time. Make your move to Anagog’s Mobile Engagement Platform and you (and your customers) will come out of the personalization and privacy game as winners. Contact us to learn more.


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