Balancing Consumer Privacy with Personalized Offers

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Our CEO Ofer Tziperman offered his insights in a recent Retail Touchpoints article, “Balancing Consumer Privacy with Personalized Offers,” and discussed the challenges retailers face in reaching consumers with viable offers, as data privacy pressures mount.

With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in place in Europe and a similar data privacy bill introduced in the U.S., retailers will need to carefully review how data is collected, where it’s stored and how it’s processed. It will be even more difficult for retail advertisers that rely on purchasing mobile carriers’ location-based data. Both AT&T and T-Mobile announced they will stop selling mobile location data to data warehouses in March.

That’s where artificial intelligence solutions come in. Edge-AI technology can provide retailers with valuable insights on consumer shopping practices without compromising consumer data privacy. Any bits of data shared are completely anonymized. Anything that could identify a user – personally identifiable information, or PII, stays on users’ smartphones and only be shared if consumers allow it. Retailers that can provide a balance of protecting personal data while providing targeted retail offers will be the clear winners through 2019 and beyond.

We recently introduced our JedAI technology, the industry’s first smartphone-based, edge-AI engine. Organizations using the JedAI mobile SDK can provide services based on geo-behaviors gathered by the smartphone’s sensors including movement, timing, location, mobility and status. As the JedAI Edge-AI software learns the user, it can even provide predictions based on the user’s actual behavior. No personal information is transferred out of the phone without explicit user consent, meaning that the user is always in control.

It’s a win-win for consumers and retailers. Consumers are offered timely, relevant, and location-based deals and retailers are targeting deals based on consumers’ preferences, while protecting consumer data privacy!

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