Empowering your retail app with real-world insights

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Anagog’ Mobile Engagement Platform has expanded over the years to support a wide range of real-world insights that apps can gain into the personas of their mobile users. The insights can be used for audience segmentation as well as precise engagement, to deliver much higher performance for your mobile marketing campaigns. Thanks to groundbreaking technology called Edge AI, these insights are generated on the device, therefore protecting your users’ privacy while providing you with everything you need to personalize their Customer Experience effectively.

Here are 5 reasons why the retail industry’s mobile marketers need to embrace real-world insights as their obvious next move:

#1 Mobile phones are the gateways that allow users to take their digital experiences into the real worldReal-world insights for real-world users


Hybrid, “phygital” interactions are reinvigorating the retail experience, breathing much needed digital engagement into the customer experience in retail locations. Powered by real-world insights, you can effectively become a voice in your customer’s head as they roam the aisles of your stores, suggesting, promoting and encouraging them on their journey.
After all, the real world is where mobile engagement takes place.


#2 You can’t effectively personalize the experience for all your users by relying on transactions and interactions

Retailers often segment customers based on their purchase behavior; the Recency, Frequency and Monetary value of the transactions. While analysis of past purchases can be useful, what happens when they are new shoppers with no history? Or when they haven’t shopped in a while? Real-world insights help you understand each consumer as a person, regardless of their transactions. What motivates them? How to attract more of their business? And which products and services might be interesting to them?
There is a reason it’s not called transaction-alized engagement.


#3 Customers expect and appreciate relevant personalization in every stage of the customer lifecycle

Retailers benefit from real-world insights throughout the customer lifecycle.

Providing retail customers with a quality mobile experience has to start at the beginning; with so many app options available, you may not get a second chance to figure out what they might like. Don’t wait for new users to show you and don’t expect abandoning users to remind you. Real-world insights are available from Day-1; your customers will love it when the offers are relevant right from the start.
Your bottom line will also thank you.


#4 In order to be useful, even the most targeted approach must take into account the users’ real-world context

Evaluating retail customers based on their actions, means you are focusing only on external cues while ignoring the internal. In order to engage them effectively, you need to have insights into their mindset at the time of engagement. There is a fine line between the Best Time and the Worst Time to engage.
As we all know, there is a time and place for everything.


#5 Mobile engagement is not primarily about being accurate. It’s about being the most relevant, most useful and most timely

Real-world insights guide retailers to engage at the best moment for maximum results.

Ultimately, the goal of personalized engagement is not to be 100% accurate, it is to be 100% relevant. A perfect offer, sent to precisely the right customers, that arrives at the wrong time will have a low success rate. While an offer that arrives at precisely the moment that a user needs it can succeed even if it is not a “classic customer”. Retail behavior is not an exact science; eventually consumers may buy different products for different reasons. But regardless of how carefully you have targeted a campaign, you will miss 100% of the engagement opportunities that arrive at the wrong time.
If it’s not actionable, it’s useless.

For the full rundown on how Anagog’s real-world insights can power your retail strategy, download our eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Mobile Engagement