Wrapping Up 2020…

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To say this year has been a challenge may be an understatement to some, but the majority of the “Anagogers” would tend to agree. The way we see it, where there is a challenge, there is room for innovation, for achieving greater and overcoming.

Anagog Team

To better understand how Anagog has held up during 2020 we asked our team to provide their points of view…we welcome you to get a “taste” of Anagog in our round table coffee talk with the team…(Well in this case, through Zoom, Meet, Forms etc. all the virtual elements we had in our possession). See below some highlights from our team members! (The team includes from our departments of product, customer facing, developers, R&D, marketing and more!)


First Off – Let’s understand why the team enjoys working at Anagog…


“I love the team. The team consists of very talented people. The interesting product and technology, that continues to get more and more sophisticated and intriguing over time”

Zoom Calls At Anagog 2020

  • “Demonstrating the product to customers and potential customers”
  • “Dynamic environment”
  • “Innovation in our day-to-day working environment”
  • “Our velocity as a team”
  • “Creativity”
  • “Out-of-the-box thinking and agility”
  • “Fine-tuning of details to make our product that much more relevant to customers and potential customers in the market”
  • “The team! The people!”
  • “Continually developing and innovating our product”
  • “Working in multiple industries”
  • “Working across multiple departments”


“The innovation; simply, we help companies to increase their business with our product”


Let’s talk about 2020 – How did we handle it? Let’s give ourselves a “Pat on the back”!

Pat on the Back

Our team faced many challenges (this being one of the key describing words for 2020 – see below) – how did we get through these? and how did we reach the “highs” and keep motivated through the both to come out “on top”?

  • “Teamwork!”
  • “Camaraderie”
  • “Great relationships among the Anagog leadership, that filters down to the rest of the team that were at the ready to rally around to make all our efforts work!”
  • “Constant drive for success amongst the team, with the consistent goal of providing our customers the optimal solution”

Each member of the team pushed themselves that much more to overcome whatever low, for whatever solution was needed, in order to reach the optimal high – the customer’s satisfaction!

“The feeling that success depends on each of us, that we are not a small screw in the system. And maybe the acquaintance with the customers, knowing who is giving the product, the personal connection makes sure that you want to give them the best.”

With all this camaraderie, we still want to showcase what they considered to be personal achievements…

  • “Even with the unknown of COVID-19 the team were proud that they were able to work “together” (and well) from remote.”
  • “Delivering a large amount of important features for the product (even when staff was minimized).”
  • “Delivery the first version of JeMA to customers, creating a fully operational system from scratch.”
  • “Delivering successful PoCs and projects that eventually led to commercial customers!”

“We managed to create a fully operational system from scratch and remain attentive to business needs”

Let’s sum up 2020:

In 3 Words –

Anagog's 2020 in 3 words

In Personal Achievements –
  • “I lost weight!”
  • “I Completed my B.Sc degree”
  • “JeMA system active in production environment and getting real-life campaign notification on my mobile device”
  • “Working on JeMA and help bringing it from a concept to a promising innovative product”


In appreciation –
  • “I can work from home and have less distractions”
  • “Working from home, spending more time with my husband”
  • “Coming to the office after several months of working from home.. (:”
  • “Working from abroad and travelling 😛 (Note – there was unfortunately no abroad here!)
  • “Being with family and friends (when you could meet them), practicing yoga”
  • “New pilates class from Anagog!”
  • “Ability to work from home, quiet (at times), drive to make each day better than the last, and living in the moment”


So now that 2020 (is nearly) behind us – What is to come?

Let’s look ahead, what can we take from 2020 and bring to 2021?
  • “The efforts placed in our product suite, reaching out to many new customers created a positive buzz”
  • “Our product is just as relevant – no matter the environment – and this will help us push forward in 2021 and beyond”
  • “The continued hard work by the team in perfecting and refining our platform so that more and more companies will understand the need for it”


“Despite the challenging period, Anagog managed to reach out to many new customers and make a positive buzz. Moving forward to 2021 with a better offering”

A Wrap Up is never complete with looking towards the future and goals – these are some of ours…
  • “Better establish my position in the product team”
  • “JeMA deployed and active in multiple customers’ applications, and providing real value to their end users”
  • “Vaccinate”
  • “Appreciate all of the little things that we took for granted before the year of 2020”
  • “Happy customers”
  • “To see family (abroad). To continue to develop my skills with work, educate and grow.”

Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021 from Anagog


Thanks for reading along with our journey of “Anagogers” in 2020 – want to learn more about what we do at Anagog, our product? Read here. Want to join our team – see our positions here.

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